Management & Directors

Mike England

CEO & President

Mr. England has been involved in the public markets since 1983, beginning his career working at the Vancouver Stock Exchange as a floor trader. Since 1995, Mr. England has been directly involved with public companies in various roles, including investor relations, directorships and senior officer positions. To date, Mr. England has been directly responsible for raising in excess of $60-million for mineral exploration and acquisitions.

James H. Place P.Geo


Mr. Place has worked for government and private industry as a consultant for more than 30 years this includes engineering groups, environmental assessment specialists, and private mineral developers. He is experienced in providing support to government and private organizations includes property assessment, project planning, management, supervision, and administration for all types of engineering and development projects.

Dianne Szigety


Businesswoman who, from 1994 to present has been the owner of PubliCo Services Ltd. which provides regulatory and corporate secretary services to various public companies.

Binyomin Posen


Mr. Posen is a Senior Analyst at Plaza Capital Limited, where he focuses on corporate finance, capital markets and helping companies to go public. After three and a half years of studies overseas, he returned to complete his baccalaureate degree in Toronto. Upon graduating (on the Dean's List) he began his career as an analyst at a Toronto boutique investment bank where his role consisted of raising funds for IPOs and RTOs, business development for portfolio companies and client relations. He is currently director and senior officer at Wondr Gaming Corp., Titus Energy Corp., Sniper Resources Ltd., director of Red Light Holland Corp., Nuran Wireless Inc. and, i3 Interactive Inc.. Mr. Posen previously served as a Director of High Tide, Inc., Enthusiast Gaming Properties Inc., and BellRock Brands Inc.